Systemic Formulas: #460 - KYRO - MUSCLE/LIGAMENT/TISSUE

Systemic Formulas: #460 - KYRO - MUSCLE/LIGAMENT/TISSUE

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Effective support for weakened areas requiring chiropractic adjustment. This formula aids in the strengthening of ligaments, muscles and tissues, and is effective in relieving pain associated with sports injuries and workout regimens. KYRO supports the rebuilding of good, quality muscle after sports and exercise exertion. It also supplies effective support for weakened areas requiring chiropractic adjustment.

COUNT: 60 capsules

RECOMMENDED USAGE: 1-3 capsules once a day for 1-6 months, or as directed. Then, take as needed for maintenance.

INGREDIENTS: Vitamin A (Beta Carotene), Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Manganese (Chelate), Potassium (Bitartrate), Orange Bioflavanoid, Collgen/Gelatin, Pfaffia (Root), Cyani (Flower), Urea, Slippery Elm (Bark), RNA/DNA Liver Tissue Factors, Sete Sangrias (Whole), Lemon Bioflavanoid, L-Tryptophan, RNA/DNA Heart Tissue Factors, Cinnamon (Bark), Hawthorne (Berries), Stevia (Leaves), Phenylanine, Cassia (Bark), Hesperdin, Sequoia (Bark), Paprika.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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