Systemic Formulas: #785 - WOOD TONIFY - TONIFY BLOOD

Systemic Formulas: #785 - WOOD TONIFY - TONIFY BLOOD

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This is a formula that supports the liver and blood. The liver stores the blood, cleanses the blood, and regulates the volume of blood in the circulatory system. There is also the element of numbness associated with the method that blood supports the nerves. This formula has overtones of pericardium support so it has a “mother “ relationship with the Fire element that governs the heart. Emotionally this product may assist with building inner confidence, the person needing this formula may (when insecure) move from a state of arrogance to one of pretension and may also become fickle or tyrannical. In Chinese Medicine it is said that this product may help nourish liver-blood, enrich kidney’s yin and subdue yang.

COUNT: 60 capsules

INGREDIENTS: White Peony (Root), Atractylodes (Rhizome), Ligustrum (Fruit), Bupleurum (Root), Curcuma (Root), Polygonum (Root), Angelica (Root), Rehmannia (Root), Alisma (Rhizome), Lycium (Fruit), Cornus (Fruit), Salvia (Root), Ganoderma Fungus, Astragalus (Root).

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